This is the membership list for the legacy SJTAG Initiative Group and is retained for historical purposes only - It is superseded by the list for the System Test Access Management study group.

Officers of the Group
Chair : Ian M. McIntosh Leonardo MW Ltd., UK
Vice-Chair : Heiko Ehrenberg GOEPEL Electronics, USA
Secretary/Editor : Vacancy  


Core Group
Bradford G. Van Treuren Nokia, USA (Chair Emeritus)
Eric Cormack DFT Solutions, UK
Bill Eklow Retired, USA
Brian Erickson JTAG Technologies, USA
Peter Horwood Firecron Ltd., UK
Carl Walker Cisco Systems, USA

Observers Group
Ben Bennetts Retired, UK (Chair Emeritus)
Gunnar Carlsson Retired, Sweden (Vice-chair Emeritus)
Patrick Au IBM, UK
Dave Bonnett ASSET Intertech, USA
Ken Filliter Telefunken Semiconductors, USA
Richard Foster Firecron Ltd., UK
Thomas Kronqvist SAAB Aerotech, Sweden
Adam W. Ley ASSET Intertech, USA
Yingwu Li Huawei Technologies, PRC
Harrison Miles Independent Consultant, USA
Dick Miller EMC Corp., USA
David Muse Corelis Inc., USA
Carl Nielsen Vacuum Process Technology LLC, USA
Tim Pender Volt Workforce Solutions, USA
Kim Petersén HDC AB, Sweden
Michele Portolan Grenoble INP, France
Saghir Shaikh Broadcom Corp., USA
Anthony Sparks JTAG Technologies, USA
Anders Uggla SAAB, Sweden
Jianhua Zhou Huawei Technologies, PRC


Observers Group membership is open all interested parties. Core Group membership is established through regular participation in our weekly meetings. Full details are given in our Group Operating Procedures.