Minutes of Weekly Meeting, 2007-10-29

Minutes from 10/29/2007 SJTAG ATCA Discussion Group Meeting (Thanks to Heiko for providing most of the minutes information!)


Peter Horwood
Ian McIntosh
Heiko Ehrenberg
Brad Van Treuren
Al Holliday
Guoqing Li
Adam Ley

Meeting called to order at 8:09am Eastern

Review of meeting minutes of 10/19/2007;

Review of informational meeting minutes of 10/25/2007 fringe meeting at ITC;

No approval required;

Review of SJTAG_ATCA_ITC2007.pdf which was sent out via email prior to meeting

Brad opens discussion, invites any other business;

Next call:

11/5/2007, 8am Eastern Time

Action Items: