Minutes of Weekly Meeting, 2008-07-07

Meeting was called to order at 8:24am EDT

1. Roll Call (Participants):

Brad Van Treuren
Carl Walker
Heiko Ehrenberg
Ian McIntosh
Peter Horwood (joined 8:29am EDT)
Carl Nielsen (joined 8:29am EDT)

2. Review and approve minutes

6/30/2008 minutes approved (Ian moved, Heiko second)

3. Review old action items:

  • Adam proposed we cover the following at the next meeting:
    • Establish consensus on goals and constraints
    • What are we trying to achieve?
    • What restrictions are we faced with?
  • Establish whether TRST needs to be addressed as requirements in the ATCA specification if it is not going to be managed globally (All)
  • Register on new SJTAG web site (http://www.sjtag.org) (All)
  • Look at proposed scope and purpose from ITC 2006 presentation and propose scope and purpose for ATCA activity group (All)
  • Adam review ATCA standard document for FRU's states

4. Discussion Topics

  1. Results and Status from SJTAG Survey Activity
    • [Ian] 82 invitations were sent out. 23 entries were received so far. Everyone who has responded is interested in the follow-up survey.
      2 requested removal (Guoqing, Ben).
    • [all] initial results of survey were reviewed and analyzed by opening the admin page
    • [Heiko] is there a "cut-off" date for the survey?
    • [Ian] I was thinking of keeping it open throughout July and August
    • [Brad] Any activity from the survey people on the forum site?
    • [Ian] Eric Cormack has signed up. The navigation tooling is difficult to track who is doing what. The level of activity on the web site this past week is about the same as the entire month. Activity is increasing almost exponentially.
  2. Identification of missing or unclear descriptions of use case notes
    • [Heiko] "in regard to the action item assigned to Peter and myself, concerning the Use Case section of the SJTAG Wiki: I've reviewed the material we have on use case discussions (Forum pages and meeting minutes). Took me a while to get through all the stuff. It looks like we should have a good amount of material for the Use Case Wiki, at least for a start. There may be some things that seem unclear when we actually edit the text, but I think this will need to be addressed as the document grows." (email from Heiko)
    • [Ian] White paper is still going to be a work in progress anyway.
    • [Brad] Ian, have you noticed activity on the SJTAG website from people who submitted to the survey?
    • [Ian] hard to tell, but I have seem an exponential increase in activity on the website over the last few months

5. Schedule next meetings:

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008, 8:15am EDT
Monday, July 28th, 2008, 8:15am EDT
Monday, August 4th, 2008, 8:15am EDT
Monday, August 11th, 2008, 8:15am EDT
Wednesday, August 20th, 2008, 8:15am EDT

6. Any other business

  • [Ian] it seems we lost touch with many people on the SJTAG mailing list; perhaps we should put out an email newsletter, once a month or so, to keep people updated who are not involved in weekly conference calls, just to stay in touch with them; I'll prepare and send out a sample newsletter to the people on this call;
  • [Brad] I would like to identify why some regular attendees are no longer participating as well

7. Review new action items

  • Ian prepare and send out a sample newsletter to the people on this call;
  • Ian Brad sort the common comments in the survey.
  • Brad complete missing forum use cases.

8. Adjourned at 9:10am EDT

(moved by Ian, second by Carl W.)

Many thanks to Heiko for assisting with the minutes.

Respectfully submitted,