Minutes of Weekly Meeting, 2008-08-11

Meeting was called to order at 8:17am EDT

1. Roll Call (Participants):

Brad Van Treuren
Ian McIntosh
Carl Walker
Peter Horwood
Heiko Ehrenberg
Eric Cormack
Tim Pender

Excused absences:
Carl Nielsen

2. Review and approve minutes

8/4/2008 minutes approved (Heiko moved, Peter second)

  • Correct that Carl Walker also had an excused absence for 8/4

3. Review old action items:

  • Adam proposed we cover the following at the next meeting:
    • Establish consensus on goals and constraints
    • What are we trying to achieve?
    • What restrictions are we faced with?
  • Establish whether TRST needs to be addressed as requirements in the ATCA specification if it is not going to be managed globally (All)
  • Register on new SJTAG web site (http://www.sjtag.org/) (All)
  • Look at proposed scope and purpose from ITC 2006 presentation and propose scope and purpose for ATCA activity group (All)
  • Adam review ATCA standard document for FRU's states

4. Discussion Topics

    1. Results and Status from SJTAG Survey Activity
      • [Ian] One additional response this past week. No real difference to the picture. We still have the top 3 as Common Test Language, System Diagnostics, and Reuse of Board Test Vectors.
      • [Ian] One thing that bothers me slightly, the number one classification of people is test development. We really don’t have a tick box for management. So we really cannot tell if people are engineering or the ones hold the purse strings. This is a lesson for the future.


    1. Status and review of white paper sections
      • Section 1: no additions / changes to Volume 1
      • Section 2: Heiko collected some thoughts but hasn't entered them to the wiki (plans to edit this week); Peter hasn't had a chance to work on it
      • Section 3: Carl W. made no edits on Volume 3
      • Language Setion: No progress


    1. Status of ITC poster session
      • poster summary has been submitted and accepted;
      • Bill Ecklow noted that, although the user cases are a good start, we need to start giving some value added information; need to discuss relationship between SJTAG and IJTAG;
      • "As a talking point, one that I do remember is looking at the use model, if you can put a compelling argument together for SJTAG on some of the uses that you show, I think that would provide a greater sense of urgency for the initiative. Extracting field return data would be a good example (either at the customer site or the repair depot).
        Upgrading FPGAs in system might be another good example. Also, I think some demonstration of the complexity that you have when you are dealing with boundary scan at a system level. If you are doing anything while
        the system is on line then the problem is even more complicated. I think you can tie this into the IJTAG stuff as well. As more of the system logic becomes boundary scan accessible, the need for boundary scan control at a system level also becomes greater." -- Bill Eklow
      • Slides for 5 minute overview presentation to be prepared; (separate presentation for use at the poster table to enhance discussions)


    1. Additional comments regarding to proposed scope (following last week's discussion)
      • [Tim] Limiting ourselves to 4 or 5 wire JTAG we need to have some support of parallel port access to support write pulse or some other signals. This is similar to what SVF has with the PIO. Perhaps it is a built-in register to a gateway in a smaller shift register.
      • [Brad] This follows along with the presentation I made two weeks ago with a parallel thread to other primitives outside the pure scan primitives. These might be dealt with as external synchronization points.


  1. Review proposed purpose statement for SJTAG
    • [Ian] I found the slides difficult to read and had to paste the text into a different document to digest.
    • [Brad] There is a lot of information to present. I tried to model the scope and purpose after other PAR statements. I found that SJTAG has a much broader topic than the other standards and is difficult to streamline.
    • [Ian] This is going to make it difficult to present a scope and purpose in a concise way.
    • [Brad] Is there anything in the purpose we should remove?
    • [Ian] The actual purpose is really stated in the last statement. The others are just leading up to the purpose.
    • [Carl W.] Maybe the last sentence needs to go first instead.
    • [all] agreed; Brad will take the action item to rearrange the text
    • [Eric] It puts the point ahead of everything else.
    • [Brad] Is there anyone objecting to moving the last sentence to be the first?
    • [None]
    • [Brad] Is there anything that needs to be added to help support this purpose?
    • [Ian] I don’t think so. Obviously, the purpose has to be read in conjunction with the scope.
    • [Ian] Perhaps I can take a crack at revising the purpose to get a different format or more concise wording of it.
    • [Tim] Maybe you should list them as bullet points.
    • [Brad] anything missing from the purpose statement?
    • [Ian] I think it is a bit wordy and hard to read; I'll take a crack on revising the purpose;
    • [Brad] I tried to keep it as one paragraph, since all PAR's I looked at had just one paragraph; I'm not sure if there is a specific requirement as to the size of the purpose text;
    • [Heiko] worst case, we can take the (currently) last sentence as the Purpose and move the rest of the text into the introduction of the draft document

5. Schedule next meetings:

Monday, August 18th, 2008, 8:15am EDT <- NEW DATE
Wednesday, August 27th, 2008, 8:15am EDT <- NEW DATE
  - Carl W. has set up a different bridge number for this call
  - Heiko tentative moderator (Ian backup, if Heiko can't make it)
Monday, September 8th, 2008, 8:15am EDT
Monday, September 15th, 2008, 8:15am EDT
Wednesay, September 24th, 2008, 8:15am EDT

6. Any other business

  • [Brad] VXI Revision 4 working group (intending to add JTAG to the VXI bus) requested a presentation for Autotestcon; Dave Bonnett (ASSET) will present; Brad and Ian work on a set of slides;
  • BTW Presentation
    • "Do you know someone else in the SJTAG working group that would be willing to present an update on the initiative? I'm trying to put together a session on new standards (A-toggle, IJTAG and SJTAG). Let me know if you or anyone else in the working group is planning on attending. I'll try to work with them on
      the presentation". – Bill Eklow
    • Brad to contact Carl N. to see if he is going. Heiko could, but also doing P1581. Heiko suggests someone else present unless he is the only attendee.
    • Heiko will represent SJTAG at BTW2008 if no one else from the working group attends the workshop and volunteers to give the presentation
  • Moderator and recorder for the 8/27/2008 meeting
    • Moderator: Heiko? Ian most likely.
    • Recorder: Peter

7. Review new action items

  • Brad define agenda for 8/27 meeting
  • Brad will send out revised Scope statement
  • Ian will work on rewording Purpose statement

8. Adjourned at 9:12am EDT

(moved by Ian, second by Heiko)

Thanks again to Heiko for his assistance on the minutes.

Respectfully submitted,