Minutes of P2654 Working Group Meeting No.41, 2019-11-04

Meeting called to order: 11:10 AM EST

The slide references relate to the pack used during this meeting, located here: http://files.sjtag.org/P2654WG/P2654_Meeting_41.pdf

1. Roll Call

Ian McIntosh (Leonardo)
Eric Cormack (DFT Solutions)
Terry Duepner (National Instruments)
Heiko Ehrenberg (GOEPEL Electronics)
Brian Erickson (JTAG Technologies)
Peter Horwood (Digital Development Consultants Ltd)
Bill Huynh (Marvell Inc.)
Joel Irby (Arm)
Richard Pistor (Curtiss-Wright) (joined 11:13)
Jan Schat (NXP Semiconductors)
Naveen Srivastava (Nvidia)
Jon Stewart (Dell)
Brad Van Treuren (VT Enterprises Consulting Services)


By email (non-attendees):

Louis Ungar (A.T.E. Solutions)
Carl Walker (Cisco Systems)

2. Agenda

  • Eric moved to accept the agenda, seconded by Brad, no objections.

3. IEEE Patent Slides

  • {Slides 5-9}
  • Patent and Copyright slides reviewed.
  • Noted that in the links in the copyright slides, the second from last link is to a brochure that is possibly the most easily digestible information on the IEEE policy. 

4. Review and Approve Previous Minutes

  • {Slide 10}
  • Meeting #40, October 28 (draft circulated October 28)
    • No corrections noted.
    • Terry moved to approve, Eric seconded, no objections or abstentions → minutes approved.

5. Review Open Action Items

  • {Slide 11}
  • [29.1] Terry to update Glossary (Due in two weeks).
    • "Test entry" uploaded, still to finish off others. Ongoing.
  • [38.1] Brad: Email brief instruction on using the simulation tool
    • Brad is still working on revisions. Ongoing.
  • [40.1] Ian: Update poster with new graphic sketched during October 28 meeting.
    • Updated poster (version 7) circulated to group on October 29. Complete.
  • Action Item Register: http://files.sjtag.org/P2654WG/ActionItemRegister.xlsx

6. Discussion Topics

6 a) ITC Material Review and Suggestions

  • {Slides 12}
  • i. Poster:
  • The link to the poster in the slide pack was not working as the file had not been uploaded (note that this has now been corrected).
  • V7 draft of poster reviewed: http://files.sjtag.org/ITC2019/ITC_2019_IEEE2654_v7.pdf
  • Wording of the 3rd bullet accompanying the new graphic was questioned as it could be misinterpreted. re-worded as "Accomplished using one or more test buses or protocols."
  • Noted that in the large central diagram the word "And" has been capitalised for no reason. Ian will make the suggested changes as version 8 {ACTION: Ian to update poster with text amendments}.
  • AS we will not have another opportunity to review the poster as a group before ITC, Brad moved to accept the poster with above amendments as our final version, seconded by Terry. There being no objections, the motion carried.

  • ii. P1687.1/P2654 special presentation:
  • Heiko shared the pack he currently working on.
  • A black background has been adopted as it helps some of the colours to stand out better than against the normal blue background. IJTAG.1 and P2654 logo have been added in the upper corners but omitted on some slides that were getting "too busy".
  • Time slot is probably 30 minutes and Heiko only intends to show maybe 20 slides. This includes some title/separator slides, but also some slides with animations, one or two of which are quite busy and could take some time to present. May need to gloss overthese in the presentation if time is short.
  • Some slides are being re-drawn where the original in the AutoTestCon slidepack had used a single image (e.g. grabbed from a PDF).
  • On the Generalized Model, the material in the upper part of the diagram is an abstraction of the more physical representation below. Note that host and client are not shown the conventional way round as we're viewing this in a bottom-up manner with the instrument requesting a service.
  • We may not have a diagram that shows the hierarchical transitions between domains. there may be something the recycle from Brad's presentations during the April 29 meeting.
  • A point to get across is that P2654 is a software model and is not driving any particular hardware implementation.

7. Any Other Business

  • {Slide 13}
  • Jason Peck has circulated a Call for Participation in a P1149.7 WG (a refresh of the existing 1149.7 standard) and a meeting is scheduled for Wednesday. Basic details are in the slide pack for this meeting, and WebEx/Dial in details are available from Ian.

8. Today's Key Takeaways

  • None.

9. Glossary Terms from This Meeting

  • None.
  • Carried over:
    • "Interface" is missing.
      • No obvious IEEE accepted definition.
      • 1687 has definitions for specialised forms: Device Interface and Instrument Interface.
      • We may need specialised forms for Software Interface and Hardware Interface.
      • "Interface" is overloaded and requires disambiguation.
    • 1687.1: Transformation.
    • IEEE 1856: Sense - "Sensor" done, Acquire, Analyze not really defined.
    • Device - do we mean a packaged device? May be many devices in a package. "Device" is often used as a modifier, e.g. "device package", "device identification".
    • Use Case Context, Application Context
    • Legacy Infrastructure, SJTAG Infrastructure (placeholders for now, really for working group to define).
    • "Generators": May need to be qualified as "Test Generators" (used by the integrator/tester) and "Model Generators" (used by IP providers, interface designers, etc.).
    • AccessLink and DataLink descriptions will need to be revised.
    • See P1687.1's definitions on Slide 31 of the pack presented by Jeff Rearick on Jan 14, 2019.
    • "State", "Vector", "Sequence" and "Pattern" as proposed at April 8 meeting.
    • "Event", "Access Interface" as proposed at April 15 meeting
    • LRU and SRA.

10. Schedule next meeting

  • November 11, 2019
    • Jan, Heiko, Louis and Brian will all be out for ITC.  Meeting may not be quorate.

11. Topic for next meeting

  • Tutorial on posting articles on the website
    • Mainly for the benefit of the group officers but open to anyone interested.
    • Not official WG business so does not need a quorum.

12. Reminders

  • TTSC Meeting is next Tuesday, 12th.

13. List New Action Items

  • [41.1] Ian: Update poster with text amendments.

14. Adjourn

  • Eric moved to adjourn, seconded by Terry.
  • Meeting adjourned at 12:04 PM EST

Respectfully submitted,
Ian McIntosh