Results from the July/August 2008 Survey

Thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out an return our survey form. Your input is genuinely appreciated!

We have produced some simple charts to illustrate some of the data we obtained from your submissions, and these are presented below. However, some of the best feedback was contained in the text comments some people supplied, but there's no easy way to represent that here, unfortunately.


Respondent Roles

Not unsurprisingly, submissions from people involved in test development heavily outweighed those from any other role. One thing we noted here was that because of the way we presented this question, it was impossible tell if any of the respondents represented managerial or budget holding responsibiities.

Industry Sectors

We got good responses from right across the spectrum of the industry. Although the telecommunications sectors provided almost double the responses compared to any other single sector, it is unlikley that this skewed the results, since there was strong and consistent representation from all the other sectors.

Organisational Functions

Again, there was an encouragingly broad representation of functions within the survey responses. "End User" functions account for about half of the responses: This is probably a correct ratio as these represent the groups most likely to benefit from SJTAG.

Priority Objectives

The preceding analyses were really to help establish the legitimacy of the distribution we see in the following chart:

There was much "flatter" spread here than might have been expected, but this is probably a reflection of the broad range of perspectives from the survey group. You can readily identify the three "hot topics", but equally significant are the low scoring subjects: Perhaps the only real surprise from the survey is the apparent lack of interest in a common hardware architecture.

If you missed the opportunity to take part in this survey, we will be conducting a more detailed follow-up later in the year. If you haven't already done so, you can notify us of your interest in taking part by using our Contact Page.