Resignation of Brad Van Treuren

During October, restructuring within Alcatel-Lucent left Brad in a position where he no longer had the time and resources necessary to carry out the role of SJTAG chair effectively. Reluctantly, Brad felt that in the interests of the group he should make way for new leadership.


Making the formal announcement of his resignation during ITC in Santa Clara, Brad said, "I am saddened by the prospects of having to resign and want to let everyone know that I have enjoyed serving as the chair of this group and that I hold the utmost honor to this team. I feel this group has been the most cooperative and talented group I have worked with and want to thank everyone for the opportunity to serve as their chairman and for each and every one's efforts."

Election of new officers

In the light of Brad's resignation, and with Gunnar Carlsson's continuing ill-health preventing his participation in the role of vice-chair over the past year, the group reluctantly concluded that new officers must be elected promptly to ensure a smooth transition from Brad's leadership.

Additionally, it was decided to delay submission of our PAR to the IEEE until after new officers had been appointed to avoid the administrative overhead of subsequently recording the change of officers.

The election of officers took place during the weekly meeting held on 10th November 2008.

  • For the position of Chair:
    Ian McIntosh (proposed by Brad Van Treuren, seconded by Eric Cormack) elected by unanimous vote,
  • For the position of Vice-chair:
    Heiko Ehrenberg (proposed by Ian McIntosh, seconded by Carl Walker) elected by unanimous vote.

Ian comments "I want to thank the group for the opportunity to serve as chair and I hope that your confidence in me will be justified. I am very grateful to Brad for his leadership over the past two and half years, and clearly SJTAG would not be in the position it is today without the experience and insights provided by both Brad and Gunnar. I sincerely hope Brad will be able to continue as a group member."

In recognition of the contributions made to the SJTAG Initiative by the outgoing officers, the group has granted Brad the title of "Chair Emeritus" while Gunnar receives the title of " Vice-chair Emeritus".