Issue 1 - July 2008


This is the first e-newsletter from the SJTAG Working Group, and we hope to be publishing these on a monthly basis. These newsletters are aimed at those people who have some interest in the use of Boundary Scan at the systems level, but who feel unable to become "active" within the SJTAG Working Group, so we will summarize the month's activities here.

Not everyone has the time to visit the SJTAG website regularly, but we'll remind you that RSS/ATOM news feeds are available for most areas of the website. However, we'll include a selection of these in "News from the website", later in this newsletter.

Mailing Preferences

If you would prefer to receive this newsletter as a text only e-mail, follow the "Preferences" link at the end of this newsletter and select "text": Alternatively, if you don't want to receive any further mailings from us, simply use the "Unsubscribe" link. You can also forward this newsletter to a friend or colleague using the "Forward" link - they will get a personalised copy, although we won't add them to our mailing list unless they ask.

On-line Survey

Well, July saw the launch of our on-line survey. This had two purposes: The first was to take some soundings on what people saw as the "big hitter issues" for SJTAG - we'd formed our own opinions but it was important that we re-calibrated with the wider user (and prospective user) base. Submissions are coming in steadily and we're already seeing some interesting points being raised. In preparing this simple survey, we realised that there were a lot of questions we'd like to ask, but felt we didn't want to impose on people too much. So the second objective was to determine if the recipients would be prepared to spend time on a more comprehensive study, that we'll arrange later in the year. Encouragingly, most people who have completed the current survey have indicated that they would be interested in the follow-up - perhaps this is a good indication of how significant System-Level Boundary Scan is in today's electronic equipment.

The survey will run until the end of August.

SJTAG "Wiki"

The SJTAG website has now acquired a "Wiki" sub-site. At this time, it doesn't really provide the encyclpedia-style functionality of Wikipedia, as we're using it as a collaborative writing tool to aid the preparation of the updated White Paper. However, we've also taken the opportunity to migrate the Glossary page from the main website into the wiki, as it allows all our contributors to extend, amend or comment on the glossary content.

We will likely expand our usage of the wiki as we find better ways to use it.