Minutes of Weekly Meeting, 2007-10-05


Heiko Ehrenberg
Peter Horwood
Patrick Au
Carl Walker
Adam Le
Bradford Van Treuren
Al Holliday


Scribes: Adam Le, Heiko Ehrenberg, Bradford Van Treuren

Heiko, Peter, Adam and Brad presented their overview slides from handouts. Carl joined half way through the meeting and Patrick requested to present at next meeting.

Action Items:

Issues to be discussed and considered in order to select a suitable architecture:

Propose first look at these issues makes full star / programmable star architecture appear favorable (but 4 pins per board, up to 16 boards) also to be considered: Gunnar Carlson's work regarding using existing resources for JTAG communication/management (Brad gave an overview of Gunnar's work)


Respectfully submitted,
Bradford Van Treuren

(Thanks to Adam and Heiko for additional note taking support)