Minutes of Weekly Meeting, 2007-10-12

NOTE: Starting Monday, 10/29/2007 the meeting is being moved to Mondays at 8am ET.
Join a live meeting during ITC on Thursday, October, 25, 2007 from 10:30 – 12:30. (No phone provided)


Heiko Ehrenberg
Peter Horwood
Adam Ley
Bradford Van Treuren
Al Holliday
Scribes: Adam Ley, Heiko Ehrenberg, Bradford Van Treuren

Action Items:

Issues to be discussed and considered in order to select a suitable architecture:

Corrections to 10/5/2007 meeting minutes:

Al Holliday presented an overview of the ATCA system and answered questions from the group.

Respectfully submitted,

Bradford Van Treuren
(Thanks to Adam and Heiko for additional note taking support)