Minutes of Weekly Meeting, 2014-10-20

Meeting called to order: 11:10 AM EDT

1. Roll Call

Ian McIntosh
Carl Walker
Peter Horwood
Tim Pender
Adam Ley
Brad Van Treuren (joined 11:41)

Eric Cormack
Heiko Ehrenberg
Michele Portolan

2. Review and approve previous minutes:


  • Draft circulated 10/14/2014.
  • No corrections noted.
  • Insufficient attendees to vote on approval.

3. Review old action items

  • All: do we feel SJTAG is requiring a new test language to obtain the information needed for diagnostics or is STAPL/SVF sufficient? See also Gunnar's presentation, in particular the new information he'd be looking for in a test language (http://files.sjtag.org/Ericsson-Nov2006/STAPL-Ideas.pdf)
  • Ian: Add the previously discussed lists to the 'master' template. Ongoing.
    • Some sections need further expansion that may take time to develop.
  • Ian: Assemble new slide pack with the relevant slides only as discussed this week. COMPLETE.

4. Reminders

  • Consider Adam's three points (from the action from the first weekly meeting) and suggest what is preventing us from answering those questions:
    • Establish consensus on goals and constraints
    • What are we trying to achieve?
    • What restrictions are we faced with?
  • Forum thread for discussion: http://forums.sjtag.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=172

5. Discussion Topics

a. Test Managers - Primary and alternate cases

  • Ian had circulated a new slide pack as a first cut at a representation of our Test Manager proposition {TM_Proposition shared}.  The pack had been divided into sections for convenience, although it may not be strictly necessary as the pack was small. 
  • As we'd previously noted that the ITC poster provided the context for our proposition, the five elements of the poster (four diagrams and the set of bullet points) were included to give background information.  The main "body" then built up from the generic representation, through a simple case with a single "control target", finally reaching the EST case, which shows multiple Test Managers at the same hierarchical level.  Currently there is no additional explanatory text.
  • The version of the EST with the Test Manager shown as a layer is included to show the alternative possibility.  Further, there is a section set aside for any explicit examples that we may want to include.  For now, this simply held the physical locations diagram, but this may not be relevant.
  • Although it was never discussed previously, in the generic diagram, Ian had retained the boxes inside the Test Manager, converting the"Control Systems" into a single generic "Interface Control System".  Ian hoped this was the correct intent.  In looking at the slide now, there was probably an omission in that the UUT box had nothing equivalent to the JTAG Chains and Access Links for the Control System to interface with. Adam agreed and proposed that it could simply be titled "Access Link", since the JTAG chains were simply another Access Link.  Ian amended the diagram accordingly.
  • Generally, it was agreed that the progression shown in the slides served the intended purpose, and the use of the ITC poster material gave an adequate context.
  • Brad asked if the updated slides would be circulated: Ian replied that they would.

b. Newsletter/Green Paper.

  • Ian pulled this forward from AOB.
  • Brad has provided a draft of his Green Paper to go along with the next Newsletter.  As it quite substantial, it would not be practical to review and comment on it within the meeting, so Ian will circulate it for the group to review {ACTION}.  Ian asked that any comments are made prior to the next meeting so they can be considered in the group review. 
  • Ian had only quickly read over the draft himself, but outlined how the article was laid out.  The introduction was intended to be used as the Newsletter item, acting as a teaser to draw people to the main article. Brad had indicated that to do the topic full justice would have required an article of maybe 20 pages (the item is currently 7 pages), but Ian felt that the current size was maybe as much as many "casual" readers would care to take in.  Really interested readers would hopefully pursue us for more information if they felt something was unanswered.
  • The article, as it stands, might come across as a "wall of text" and Ian felt that some illustrations were needed to break it up a little.  Adam agreed although Brad had indicated that he'd struggled to find anything meaningful, and was concerned that using diagrams from the standards might cause problems.  Ian believed that the use of individual diagrams, in an appropriate context, would come under "fair use" (Circular 92, section 107, US Copyright Office).  We may be able to use some of own diagrams and Brad suggested that the Ecosystem diagram that had been shared by Al Crouch could be re-used as some readers would already be familiar with that.
  • In the meantime, Ian will assemble the draft Newsletter and start putting Brad's Green Paper into the website format, ready for any amendments or diagrams to be edited in.

c. SJTAG Standards Roadmap - continue organising topics.

  • {Not discussed due to lack of time}

6. Key Takeaway for today's meeting

  • None.

7. Glossary terms from this meeting

  • None.

8. Schedule next meeting

  • October 27 - Tim will be absent (Note: Meeting starts one hour earlier than normal for Europeans).
  • November schedule: 3, 10, 17, 24.

9. Any other business

  • None.

10. Review new action items

  • Ian: Circulate the draft Green Paper for review and comment.  Comments to be returned prior to next meeting.

11. Adjourn

Peter moved to adjourn at 11:51 AM EDT, seconded by Tim.

Respectfully submitted,
Ian McIntosh