Minutes of Weekly Meeting, 2016-10-05

Meeting called to order: 11:07 AM EDT

1. Roll Call

Ian McIntosh
Carl Walker
Brad Van Treuren
Peter Horwood
Eric Cormack
Brian Erickson

By Proxy:

Heiko Ehrenberg

2. Review and approve previous minutes:

  • Approval of August 17 minutes (updated draft circulated 08/20/2016).
    • No corrections noted.
    • Insufficient attendees to vote on approval.
    • Meeting agreed to conducting approval via email.
  • Approval of September 28 minutes (draft circulated on 09/28/2016)
    • No corrections noted.
    • Brad moved to approve, seconded by Peter. No objections or abstentions.

3. Review old action items

  • All: do we feel SJTAG is requiring a new test language to obtain the information needed for diagnostics or is STAPL/SVF sufficient? See also Gunnar's presentation, in particular the new information he'd be looking for in a test language (http://files.sjtag.org/Ericsson-Nov2006/STAPL-Ideas.pdf)
  • Ian: Add the previously discussed lists to the 'master' template. Ongoing.
    • Some sections need further expansion that may take time to develop.
  • Ian: Extract Key Takeaway information for last two years. COMPLETE

4. Reminders

  • Consider Adam's three points (from the action from the first weekly meeting) and suggest what is preventing us from answering those questions:
    • Establish consensus on goals and constraints
    • What are we trying to achieve?
    • What restrictions are we faced with?
  • Forum thread for discussion: http://forums.sjtag.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=172
  • The Newsletter was due at the end of July 2015.

5. Discussion Topics

a. Enumerate our requirements
- What are we trying to implement?
- Review previous Key Takeaways for relevant ideas 

  • Ian had collated the Key Takeaways since the beginning of 2015 into an Excel worksheet. There have been no further updates provided to Brad for the sheet he presented last week.
  • {Brad shared both worksheets}
  • It was noted that the context was often difficult to discern from the takeaway point itself. Ian remarked that had he had more time then he might  have tried to mark the items that had no relevance (some are purely administrative).
  • Brad proposed working through Ian's sheet, top-down, to see if there were any requirements that could be extracted, referring to the relevant meeting minutes where necessary. Ian agreed, commenting that the further back we went, the points would likely be less pertinent and harder to recover context from.
  • The remainder of the discussion proceeded in that manner, transferring items from Ian's sheet to Brad's sheet and categorizing them as appropriate. In some cases, a Key Takeaway could not be transferred directly but a derivative requirement or capability was constructed.
  • The group reached Row 30 of Ian's sheet before time ran out. 
  • The updated version of Brad's Requirement Excel file is available here: http://files.sjtag.org/Brad/SJTAG%20Requirement%20List%2020161005.xlsx.

6. Topic for next meeting

  • Enumerate our requirements - continued
    • What are we trying to implement?
    • Review previous Key Takeaways for relevant ideas - continue from row 31

7. Key Takeaway for today's meeting

  • None.

8. Glossary terms from this meeting

  • None.
  • Carried over:
    • Definition of "interchangeability" required.
    • 'Instance' (or a more specific version of the term) may require definition in future.
    • 'Master through Slave Mode'
    • 'Master to Master Mode'
    • Need a refined definition of "system" for the purposes of the PAR.

9. Schedule next meeting

  • Next meeting October 12. Eric will be absent.
  • October schedule:
    • 19, 26.

10. Any other business

  • Ian hopes Michele will be able to provide a fuller report on the TESTA tutorial in due course.

11. Review new action items

  • None.

12. Adjourn

  • Eric moved to adjourn, seconded by Peter.
  • Meeting adjourned at 12:03 PM EDT

Respectfully submitted,
Ian McIntosh