Minutes of Weekly Meeting, 2016-12-07

Meeting called to order: 11:09 AM EST

1. Roll Call

Ian McIntosh
Eric Cormack
Brad Van Treuren
Brian Erickson
Peter Horwood

By Proxy:

Heiko Ehrenberg
Carl Walker
Adam Ley 
Bill Eklow

2. Review and approve previous minutes:

  • Approval of October 26 minutes (draft circulated on 10/26/2016)
    • Awaiting email approval.

  • Approval of November 2 minutes (draft circulated on 11/02/2016)
    • Awaiting email approval.

  • Approval of November 9 minutes (updated draft circulated on 11/13/2016)
    • Awaiting email approval.

  • Approval of November 23 minutes (updated draft circulated on 11/23/2016)
    • Awaiting email approval.
  • Approval of November 30 minutes (draft circulated on 11/30/2016)
    • No corrections noted
    • Insufficient attendees to vote on approval.
  • Ian may request email approval for any minutes that have not been approved by the last meeting of the year, likely to be December 14.

3. Review old action items

  • All: do we feel SJTAG is requiring a new test language to obtain the information needed for diagnostics or is STAPL/SVF sufficient? See also Gunnar's presentation, in particular the new information he'd be looking for in a test language (http://files.sjtag.org/Ericsson-Nov2006/STAPL-Ideas.pdf)
  • Ian: Add the previously discussed lists to the 'master' template. Ongoing.
    • Some sections need further expansion that may take time to develop.
  • Ian: Send out request for email approvals on the outstanding notes, Oct 26 through to Nov 23. COMPLETE
  • Ian: Re-draft newsletter to make it clear that there is no official sanction of the proposed PAR text. COMPLETE

4. Reminders

  • Consider Adam's three points (from the action from the first weekly meeting) and suggest what is preventing us from answering those questions:
    • Establish consensus on goals and constraints
    • What are we trying to achieve?
    • What restrictions are we faced with?
  • Forum thread for discussion: http://forums.sjtag.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=172
  • The Newsletter was due at the end of July 2015.

5. Discussion Topics

b. PAR text feedback
- Newsletter/LinkedIn post

  • Ian chose to deal with this item first.
  • Brad was happy with the newsletter, but due to workload did not feel that completing the third Green Paper by March would be possible. Ian would take out that reference, in order to avoid raising expectations.
  • Ian will circulate the final draft for approval by email {ACTION}.

a. Enumerate our requirements
- What are we trying to implement?
- Review previous Key Takeaways for relevant ideas - continue from row 65

  • The intent was to continue with the breakdown of the Key Takeaways.
  • {Brad shared the Key Takeaways and the Requirements worksheets}
  • Ian had now completed all the "Context" notes through to the end of the Key Takeaways sheet.
  • The takeaways on row 66 had seemed to Ian to have been constructed as afterthoughts to the discussion and not directly related to the recorded notes, so some intent may have been lost. It was probably the case we intended to focus on the port(s) at the board edge and the chain(s) without worrying too much about how the port(s) connect to the chain(s). For example, chain management is "core" but multidrop access is not.
  • Row 68 considered external and aggregated instruments. The ability to employ external instruments depends on the level at which the Test Manager sits within the entire "test system".
  • Row 70 was a result of looking at the ITEA "Embedded Instrumentation Systems Architecture" article which introduced the new idea of a Configuration Manager.  The Configuration Manager is role within the Test Manager along with the Access Manager (controlling the AccessLink) and Data Manager (controlling the DataLink).

  • Ian would like to have completed reviewing all the takeaways before the end of the year, but with 6 items still to look at this seemed unlikely.
  • The updated version of Brad's Requirement Excel file is available here: http://files.sjtag.org/Brad/SJTAG%20Requirement%20List%2020161207.xlsx, and the Key Takeaways file is here: http://files.sjtag.org/Brad/KT_2016-3.xlsx

6. Topic for next meeting

  • Enumerate our requirements - continued
    • What are we trying to implement?
    • Review previous Key Takeaways for relevant ideas - continue from row 72.

7. Key Takeaway for today's meeting

  • None.

8. Glossary terms from this meeting

  • None.
  • Carried over:
    • Definition of "interchangeability" required.
    • 'Instance' (or a more specific version of the term) may require definition in future.
    • 'Master through Slave Mode'
    • 'Master to Master Mode'
    • Need a refined definition of "system" for the purposes of the PAR.
    • 'Priority' - may relate to 'frequency' and 'urgency' in distinct definitions.

9. Schedule next meeting

  • Next meeting December 14.
    • This may be the last meeting of the year as several people will be unavailable on 21st.
  • December schedule:
    • 21 (tentative).

10. Any other business

  • Ian hopes Michele will be able to provide a fuller report on the TESTA tutorial in due course.

11. Review new action items

  • Ian: Make final edits to newsletter and circulate for email approval.

12. Adjourn

  • Brian moved to adjourn, seconded by Eric.
  • Meeting adjourned at 12:07 PM EST

Respectfully submitted,
Ian McIntosh