Minutes of P2654 Working Group Meeting No.39, 2019-10-21

Meeting called to order: 11:05 AM EDT

The slide references relate to the pack used during this meeting, located here: http://files.sjtag.org/P2654WG/P2654_Meeting_39.pdf

1. Roll Call

Ian McIntosh (Leonardo)
Eric Cormack (DFT Solutions)
Heiko Ehrenberg (GOEPEL Electronics)
Peter Horwood (No affiliation)
Bill Huynh (Marvell Inc.)
Joel Irby (Arm)
Richard Pistor (Curtiss-Wright)
Jon Stewart (Dell) (joined 11:07)
Brad Van Treuren (VT Enterprises Consulting Services)
Louis Ungar (A.T.E. Solutions) (joined 11:06)
Carl Walker (Cisco Systems)


By email (non-attendees):

Terry Duepner (National Instruments)
Brian Erickson (JTAG Technologies)

2. Agenda

  • Eric moved to accept the agenda, seconded by Carl, no objections.

3. IEEE Patent Slides

  • {Slides 5-9}
  • Patent slides reviewed.

4. Review and Approve Previous Minutes

  • {Slide 10}
  • Meeting #38, October 14 (draft circulated October 14)
    • No corrections noted.
    • Eric moved to approve, Brad seconded, no objections or abstentions → minutes approved.

5. Review Open Action Items

  • {Slide 11}
  • [29.1] Terry to update Glossary (Due in two weeks).
    • Work in progress. Ongoing.
  • [38.1] Brad: Email brief instruction on using the simulation tool
    • Email delayed as Brad has found a simpler way of dealing with dependencies and is currently checking that out. Ongoing.
  • Action Item Register: http://files.sjtag.org/P2654WG/ActionItemRegister.xlsx

6. Discussion Topics

6 a) P1687.1 feedback on Brad's Module Classification slides

  • {Slides 12}
  • Brad's presented a partially annotated version of the slides shown to the group during the September 30th meeting. Further annotation were added during this meeting, that version being available here: http://files.sjtag.org/P2654WG/ModuleClassifications_20191021.pdf
  • Following notes include some commentary fed back from P1687.1 and observations made during this meeting.
    • Slide 2: A lot of discussion on this in P1687.1.  Level Shifter and possible timing implications was an interesting item, probably could be described in ICL. Unsure if Transport Mechanisms really belongs. Switch/Router may also be known as a Linker. Hadn't really considered that a Gateway transitions from a bus to a point connection.
    • Would an 1149.7 network be considered part of the AccessLink? A category in its own right? A hybrid of other categories? The Gateway/Switch is a hybrid.
    • Would something like 802.11x WiFi be considered as an analog or digital path? The data being exchanged is digital - does it matter what the medium is?
    • Slide 6: The multiple topologies possible in 1149.7 raise some questions for P1687.1 in determining what constitutes a DPIC. There are different protocols used for control and data. The hardware is reused, but re-purposed between these.
    • Slide 8: Switch/Router could be considered a "Super SIB", has similar features to those in P1838.
    • Slide 9: Within P1838, a SCANSTA111 multicast group register may be permitted to be part of the 1687 network.
    • Slide 11: TI Ice Pick is like a SIB but in the context of emulators.
    • Slide 12: ASP uses a separate protocol from JTAG but shares the pin interface. Bits are scanned during stable states.
    • Slide 13: Gateway/Switch (BSCAN1) - Selection protocol may be in SVF but that can limit re-use. May need to separate into distinct SVFs. The same resultant could be obtained using either SVF or ASP. Different protocols for Control and Data but using the same hardware interface.
    • Slide 17: Gateway/Switch (Brocade) - Dissimilar protocols and hardware interfaces used for Control and Data.
    • Slide 19: DPIC: This was as far as the P1687.1 group got in this pack. Some questions: How do P2654 and P1687.1 differ? Are the module described here in our domain or could they live between the device pins and the controller of the P1687.1 network?

7. Any Other Business

  • {Slide 13}
  • There is a special joint presentation on P2654 and P1687.1 for ITC. This a presentation only, with no associated paper required. Presentation material does not need to be submitted by any deadline.
  • Poster had been drafted earlier. Ian has been updating a couple of participant affiliation changes. Noted at previous meeting that the available poster size has increased (board is no longer shared). No plan to change our poster layout - Re-formatting would be too difficult at this stage.

8. Today's Key Takeaways

  • None.

9. Glossary Terms from This Meeting

  • None.
  • Carried over:
    • "Interface" is missing.
      • No obvious IEEE accepted definition.
      • 1687 has definitions for specialised forms: Device Interface and Instrument Interface.
      • We may need specialised forms for Software Interface and Hardware Interface.
      • "Interface" is overloaded and requires disambiguation.
    • 1687.1: Transformation.
    • IEEE 1856: Sense - "Sensor" done, Acquire, Analyze not really defined.
    • Device - do we mean a packaged device? May be many devices in a package. "Device" is often used as a modifier, e.g. "device package", "device identification".
    • Use Case Context, Application Context
    • Legacy Infrastructure, SJTAG Infrastructure (placeholders for now, really for working group to define).
    • "Generators": May need to be qualified as "Test Generators" (used by the integrator/tester) and "Model Generators" (used by IP providers, interface designers, etc.).
    • AccessLink and DataLink descriptions will need to be revised.
    • See P1687.1's definitions on Slide 31 of the pack presented by Jeff Rearick on Jan 14, 2019.
    • "State", "Vector", "Sequence" and "Pattern" as proposed at April 8 meeting.
    • "Event", "Access Interface" as proposed at April 15 meeting
    • LRU and SRA.

10. Schedule next meeting

  • October 28, 2019
    • Daylight savings ends in Europe on 27th. Meeting remains anchored to 11:00 AM US Eastern, which will be 3:00 PM GMT or 4:00 PM CET for this meeting.

11. Topic for next meeting

  • ITC Material Review and Suggestions.

12. Reminders

  • None.

13. List New Action Items

  • None.

14. Adjourn

  • Eric moved to adjourn, seconded by Carl.
  • Meeting adjourned at 11:56 AM EDT

Respectfully submitted,
Ian McIntosh