Minutes of P2654 Working Group Meeting No.86, 2020-11-09

Meeting called to order: 11:04 AM EST

The slide references relate to the pack used during this meeting, located here: http://files.sjtag.org/P2654WG/P2654_Meeting_86.pdf

The cumulative reference pack is located here: http://files.sjtag.org/P2654WG/P2654_Reference_Pack.pptx (updated Oct 26, 2020)

1. Roll Call

Ian McIntosh (Leonardo)
Terry Duepner (National Instruments)
Heiko Ehrenberg (GOEPEL Electronics)
Peter Horwood (Digital Development Consultants Ltd)
Joel Irby (AMD)
Richard Pistor (Curtiss-Wright)
Jon Stewart (Dell)
Brad Van Treuren (VT Enterprises Consulting Services)
Louis Ungar (A.T.E. Solutions)
Carl Walker (Cisco Systems)

Tom Thompson (for IEEE)

By email (non-attendees):

Bill Huynh (Marvell Inc.)
Brian Erickson (JTAG Technologies)

2. Agenda

  • Brad moved to accept the agenda, seconded by Joel, no objections.

3. IEEE Patent Slides

  • {Slides 5-10}
  • Patent and Copyright slides reviewed. 
    • Question raised on whether recent discussion involving principle and terminology used in Michele Portolan's work might lead us down a path where P2654 implementers may be forced to pay a licence fee.  This believed to not be the case; there may be similarities but for example the 'RVF' that P1687.1 are discussing differs fundamentally from the Michele's concept and could be better termed Retargetable Vector Format rather than Relocatable Vector Format. In P2654's case we are possibly describing a Transformable Vector Format.  Al perform similar roles, but in different ways.
    • For reference, Michele's patent, for which we hold a pre-emptive LoA, is FR3066606 (application FR1754491), “Test Apparatus and method for testing an integrated circuit” (https://bases-brevets.inpi.fr/en/document-en/FR3066606.html?s=1604951948702&p=6&cHash=ee86cd9a2ec6439b735e1a050227c168)

4. Review and Approve Previous Minutes

  • {Slide 11}
  • Meeting #85, November 2 (draft circulated November 2)
    • Two corrections noted:
      • 2nd bullet in 7: Add "box" after first instance of "black"
      • Last bullet in 7: Change "my" to "may"
    • Joel noted that he was an advised absence for meeting #85 [post-meeting note: this was already recorded]
    • Terry moved to approve as amended, Joel seconded, no objections or abstentions → minutes approved.

5. Review Open Action Items

6. Inter-group Collaboration

  • {Slide 13}
  • 1149.7 has had some feedback regarding updating the template used for the standard. The template we have on the iMeetCentral site is the latest version so should be good to go.
  • Noted that references to other standards need to take consideration of "future-proofing", e.g. referencing IEEE 1149.1 versus IEEE 1149.1-2013.  Reference to a specific revision may be necessary when citing a given section as section numbers may change between revisions.

7. Discussion Topics

7 a) Transformation and RVF to RVF interface boundaries

  • {Slide 14}
  • Describe the behaviour in use, not the implementation of the design.
  • P2654 should not be prescribing either the behaviour or the implementation. 
  • COTS vendor may offer a block diagram to help with understanding how to use the item but no the detail of the design.
  • There may be intentional obfuscation of the behaviour.
  • We need to be aware of the sequence of events but need not always be concerned with the precise timing of events (there may be cases where timing is critical).
  • We don't need to know the purpose of the data we carry just get it to the right place and in the correct order (and possibly at the right time).
  • We shouldn't care what standards we are connecting to. Indeed some interfaces may not be covered by a formalised standard (e.g. in-house, proprietary or other ad hoc schemes).
  • Further notes are recorded on slide 44 of the accompanying pack.

8. Any Other Business

  • {Slide 15}
  • Heiko intend to commence the elections process for group officers imminently and requests a list of voting members {ACTION - Ian to supply list}.
  • Ian will set up the "elections" email forwarding address, as was used two years ago, to point to Heiko and Sankaran {ACTION - Ian to set up email address}

9. Today's Key Takeaways

  • None. 

10. Glossary Terms from This Meeting

  • None.
  • Carried over:
    • System Element.
    • System Resource.
    • 'System' needs the concept of a controller capability added.
    • "Filtering" may need to be defined.
    • "Translation" may need to be defined.
    • "Interface" is missing.
      • No obvious IEEE accepted definition.
      • 1687 has definitions for specialised forms: Device Interface and Instrument Interface.
      • We may need specialised forms for Software Interface and Hardware Interface.
      • "Interface" is overloaded and requires disambiguation.
    • 1687.1: Transformation.
    • IEEE 1856: Sense - "Sensor" done, Acquire, Analyze not really defined.
    • Device - do we mean a packaged device? May be many devices in a package. "Device" is often used as a modifier, e.g. "device package", "device identification".
    • Use Case Context, Application Context
    • Legacy Infrastructure, SJTAG Infrastructure (placeholders for now, really for working group to define).
    • "Generators": May need to be qualified as "Test Generators" (used by the integrator/tester) and "Model Generators" (used by IP providers, interface designers, etc.).
    • AccessLink and DataLink descriptions will need to be revised.
    • See P1687.1's definitions on Slide 31 of the pack presented by Jeff Rearick on Jan 14, 2019.
    • "State", "Vector", "Sequence" and "Pattern" as proposed at April 8, 2019 meeting.
    • "Event", "Access Interface" as proposed at April 15, 2019 meeting.
    • 'Port' needs to be developed.

11. Schedule next meeting

  • November 16, 2020.
    • Noted that November 23 is the week of Thanksgiving (US) and may affect attendance.

12. Topic for next meeting

  • Transformation and RVF-to-RVF interface boundaries - message transformation

13. Reminders

  • Addressed under AOB.

14. List New Action Items

  • [86.1] - Ian: Supply Heiko with a list of voting members.
  • [86.2] - Ian: Set up reflector email address for elections.

15. Adjourn

  • Joel moved to adjourn, seconded by Peter.
  • Meeting adjourned at 12:02 PM EST

Respectfully submitted,
Ian McIntosh