Minutes of Post-Study Group Meeting, 2018-08-13

Meeting called to order: 11:08 AM EDT

The slide references relate to the pack used during this meeting, located here: http://files.sjtag.org/PostStudyGroup/PSG_Meeting_2.pdf

Brad moved to accept the agenda as proposed, seconded by Brian.

1. Roll Call

Ian McIntosh (Leonardo)
Heiko Ehrenberg (GOEPEL Electronics)
Eric Cormack (DFT Solutions)
Terry Duepner (National Instruments)
Brian Erickson (JTAG Technologies)
Peter Horwood (Firecron Ltd.)
Bill Huynh (Marvell Inc.)
Naveen Srivastava (Nvidia)
Brad Van Treuren (Nokia)
Carl Walker (Cisco Systems)
Craig Stephan (INTELLITECH Inc.)
Louis Ungar (ATE Solutions)
Sivakumar Vijayakumar (Keysight)

By email (non-attendees):

Joel Irby (ARM)

2. IEEE Patent Slides

  • {Slides 5-9}
  • Patent slides reviewed.
    • Noted that Amkor has a paper that might be pertinent as it may relate to system test on 3D stacked die: "A Practical Approach to Test Through Silicon Vias". This should be investigated.

3. Review and Approve Previous Minutes

  • {Slide 10}
  • July 23 (updated draft circulated July 29)
    • No further corrections noted.
    • Brad moved to approve, Terry seconded, no objections or abstentions → minutes approved.

4. Review Open Action Items

  • {Slide 11}
  • [21.1] Brad: Supply Ian with glossary definitions used by 1687.1 for "transformation" and "retargeting".
    • No updates.
    • ONGOING.
  • [27.2] Legacy Initiative Group to propose definition for "SJTAG".
    • No updates.
  • These may need to be carried over to a future Working Group.

5. Discussion Topics

a) ITC Poster.

  • {Slide 12}
  • Links to recent posters are simply for reference, reminders of appearance. Were mainly "SJTAG" rather than "STAM" - 2017 poster was altered to refer to STAM but confusingly mixes STAM and SJTAG without explanation. Should make the relationship/differentiation between SJTAG and STAM clear this time.
  • The timeline is relevant and can now be firmed up and expanded. Could add the additional study areas that were mentioned in the study group report.
  • Previously had "bullet point" versions of Need, Purpose, Scope. These are now out of date and could be revised. Could omit Purpose to save space but the flow from Need through Purpose to Scope is maybe helpful. This tried to emphasise the co-ordination aspect that was mentioned in the 2015 poster but didn't come across so strongly in the 2017 version.
  • Heiko is probably able to present the poster.

b) ITC Invited Talk.

  • Part of a session (3 x 30 minutes segments) on "New IEEE Standardization Efforts".
  • Not sure if the order given is the actual running order but it would help us if it were as it gives us better opportunity to explain how STAM can help utilise the other standards.
  • Joel will present but will need some help in preparing material. Would help to tie in with some of the 1687.1 material, e.g. slides that Jeff Rearick presented to the study group early on. There is also newer material that may be even more relevant, along with graphics from our green papers that could be re-cycled.
  • 30 minute slot means about 20-25 minutes of presentation which may be only a dozen or so slides.
  • Enquiry on also presenting to NTF in Copenhagen. Ian will enquire if travel can be funded (unlikely), but Heiko can probably present if necessary. Possibly 30-45 minutes, but could adapt and re-use the ITC talk material (it is after ITC so could maybe add more). No paper is required, just the presentation (this also seems to be the case for the ITC Invited Talk), but NTF are probably looking to firm up their program and will likely need a title and abstract soon.

6. Today's Key Takeaways

7. Glossary Terms from This Meeting

  • None.
  • Carried over:
    • "Interface" is missing.
      • No obvious IEEE accepted definition.
      • 1687 has definitions for specialised forms: Device Interface and Instrument Interface.
      • We may need specialised forms for Software Interface and Hardware Interface.
    • 1687.1: Transformation, Retargetting.
    • IEEE 1856: Sense - "Sensor" done, Acquire, Analyze not really defined.
    • SJTAG: Discussion on forums - http://forums.sjtag.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=782
    • Device - do we mean a packaged device? May be many devices in a package (1149.1 opted for "entity" in order to be non-specific).
      • Correction to the above remark: It has been pointed out that 1149.1 actually defines conformance in terms of "component" (c.f. COMPONENT_CONFORMANCE attribute in BSDL), and "entity" only pertains to BSDL where it is simply inherited from VHDL. "Device" is often used as a modifier, e.g. "device package", "device identification".

8. Topic for next meeting

9. Schedule next meeting

  • August 27.
    • Eric and Peter will both be out, Eric also out on September 10.

10. Reminders

  • Think about potential officers, moving towards a Working Group.
    • Further details: https://standards.ieee.org/develop/governedwg.html
    • Note that the Chair and Vice-chair are expected to be IEEE-SA members (they are effectively acting as an arm of the SA). IEEE/SA membership is encouraged for working group members but is in no way a requirement. However, SA membership is required to join the ballot group for approval of a standard.

11. Any Other Business

  • None.

12. List New Action Items

  • None.

13. Adjourn

  • Terry moved to adjourn, seconded by Eric.
  • Meeting adjourned at 11:47 AM EDT

Respectfully submitted,
Ian McIntosh